Meet BumaStemra

BumaStemra champions the value of music and music creators. Based in Hoofddorp, we work hard with a team of around 150 people to ensure our members are paid fairly for the work they do. Whether it’s getting the best deal from a streaming platform or developing new ways to recognise or process music. Thanks to smart technology, the power of the collective and a team of dedicated colleagues, we work together to help our music creators achieve their commercial and musical success.

Our mission

BumaStemra enables music composers, songwriters and publishers to contribute as a collective to a healthy music ecosystem, where music creators exploit their copyrights and create a world of music.

Our vision

BumaStemra’s purpose has remained unchanged since its foundation, but today’s playing field and challenges are new. More competition is on the way. But we see opportunities to strengthen our position. Sustainable participation among the world’s best copyright organisations, both in terms of income for music creators and quality of service, is a prerequisite for achieving our mission. Only from a solid position are we able to contribute to a healthy music ecosystem and successfully exploit copyrights for members.

To achieve this robust ambition, we will focus on the four pillars described in our strategy ‘To the Beat of the Drum’.

How is BumaStemra organised?

At BumaStemra, we have a Supervisory Board and a Council of Members. These are groups of people, including music creators, who assist the Management Board of BumaStemra in various areas. More info can be found here.

BumaStemra is an association. Every year we hold a General Members’ Meeting where the most important decisions are made. We also explain the annual figures at this meeting. Have you seen our digital annual report? You can find a copy here.

The day-to-day business

The day-to-day management of BumaStemra is done by the Management Team, led by the Management Board, consisting of Bernard Kobes and Marleen Kloppers.

The whole process from registering music to recognising music and distributing royalties to creators, requires a team of enthusiastic, dedicated people willing to go to great lengths for our members. Whether it’s getting the best deal from a streaming platform or developing new ways to recognise or process music. Our team is always looking for solutions that contribute to the commercial and musical success of our members.