Licences for music use

Successful thanks to music

To use music for commercial purposes, you need a license. By obtaining a licence, you pay a fair price for the music that contributes to your business success. On this page, you will find the licences that you can acquire for the commercial use of music. Various licences are available, tailored to your specific music usage. We are here to assist you in discovering the ideal licence to meet your needs.

Using music in public spaces

This licence is for the use of background music, in places such as restaurants, cafés, bars, retail stores, supermarkets, offices, fitness centers, dance studios, and other public spaces.

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Using music during events

This covers all categories of music played at events, including live and electronic music, whether the event is indoors or outdoors, and whether it's a concert or a small festival.

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Using music on TV and radio

Find the information of licences for music use on TV and Radio here. This is both for local and national radio/tv stations, and commercial and public radio/tv stations.

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Using music online

Here you will find information about the use of music online, such as streaming platforms, downloading on demand, video on demand, podcasts, background music on websites, and other services.

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Using music in audiovisual productions

These licences grant you the permission to use music in audio-visual productions, such as movies, documentaries, series, games, commercials and other.

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Using music on sound carriers

These licences grant you the permission to produce music on sound carriers such as a CD, Vinyl, DVD and other means. Applicable for production companies, and in-house productions by members

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