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Music Users

Stemra Audiovisual productions
To license music used in a commercial, series or film

 023-799 78 28

Cue sheets
Would you like to submit a cue sheet of a film/series/documentary or commercial? Please send it to

Buma Centrale regelingen
To take out a licence for music use by vocal choirs, wind band/fanfare etc. and church organisations:

023-799 78 60 –

For using music on your website, among others

023-799 78 58

Podia events
To conclude a licence for an event or performance

023-799 78 01

To conclude a licence as a local- regional- national radio and television station, cable newspaper (which is not distributed online) and for cable operators (provider of broadcasting programmes over a network).

Service Centrum Auteurs en Naburige Rechten

If you have a question about the combined invoice from SENA and BumaStemra, please contact the Service Centre Authors and Related Rights (SCAN).

023-700 90 99