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Music creates atmosphere for your business, energises your workplace and breathes emotion into your advertising and communication. Have you ever stopped to think about what music creates? Packed dance floors, happy visitors, an atmosphere that people will talk about to their friends and family. Music brings you closer to your business dreams. It’s well worth the investment. And with the right license, all your music use is sorted in one go. Good for music creators. Good for your success.


Music whenever and wherever, no fuss

Whatever your musical preferences, with the correct licenses, you can use music unlimited, from both domestic and international sources. We assist you in obtaining the license that suits your usage, all without profit motives. This ensures that music creators receive compensation for their songs and allows you to focus 100% on your business. Whether it’s in your establishment, at your festival, in your communications, or however you wish to utilize music for your success.

Do you want to use music for your business? Then, of course, you arrange this through BumaStemra. Note: in many cases, you’ll require both a license from BumaStemra and one from Sena. Sena represents the interests of performing artists. For specific sectors such as hospitality, retail, and offices, you can easily obtain a combined license via


How it works

If you use music for your business, you are a music user. This could be music played in shops, bars and restaurants, music venues and clubs. Or music used on television and radio and in adverts. The BumaStemra licence gives you permission to use the music you want. The amount you pay depends on the type of music use. We’ll help you get the licence that suits your needs. We are a non-profit making organisation, and we work to ensure that music creators get paid for their songs and you can focus 100% on your business.

We want to help you get the right licence. Find out which licence is right for your organisation in 3 simple steps:

  1. Tell us where you use music
  2. Let us know the type of music use
  3. Check the tariff and apply
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These businesses have noticed the positive influence of music

Music is essential for many entrepreneurs. It boosts employee morale and influences customer behaviour. The use of music is becoming increasingly important for the success of a business.

"Music is of great influence. My customers often hum, whistle or sing along. The people in the kitchen are behind their grill all day - for them it's even more enjoyable to have some music playing."

Restaurant Bij Ernst

"People sometimes find it difficult to find words for certain situations or feelings. Then they prefer to choose a piece of music that puts a feeling into words."

Crematorium Andringastate

"Both famous and smaller artists visit our café."

Eetcafé Muze

"Science has proven: music decreases stress"

Martina de Witte