Buma payment through your booking agency

Some booking agencies can invoice the Buma payment on our behalf, so this will cover part of the royalties. The booking agency charges 7% of the buyout fee for this purpose. The invoice clearly states that this is for Buma copyright, so make sure you check this on the invoice.

As an organiser, you are responsible for applying for a licence, and you always need one when music is played. You apply for the licence by submitting the statement. Please let us know if you have already paid a part through the booking agency and upload the invoice stating this. We will deduct this payment from your licence fee, so you won’t be charged twice.

Easily arranged through the booking agency

If there’s no ticket sales and all performance fees have already been paid to the booking agency, the amount paid suffices, and no additional license from Buma is required.

Additional license

If payment for the Buma fees for all performances hasn’t been settled via the booking agency yet, and/or if there were ticket sales, Buma calculates the remaining amount for the license, and you’ll receive an additional invoice for this.

List of affiliated booking agencies

Booking through an affiliated booking agency

The booking agencies listed below may charge 7% of the buyout fee on our behalf. When this is paid, it will be taken as an advance payment.


Booking agencies with BumaStemra quality mark Chamber of Commerce Number
AAA 2010 BV 34392316
Agents After All BV 34214585
Benz Agency BV 61950254
BME Bookings 75868695
Berk Music Productions BV 17099297
Brandon BV (Studio One) 06082483
Buro voor Muziek BV 51690497
Buro2010 BV 32076138
CODE-16 66631165
Double Vee Concerts BV 24475115
Easybookings B.V. 04073527
Entertainment-NL B.V. 34299144
Friendly Fire B.V. 30251806
Het Boekingsburo.nl B.V. (AT Bookings) 27273630
J.B. Productions 23061686
Line Up Events 30152853
Live & Booking VOF 54349710
Lukassen Produkties VOF 09117895
Mart Hoogkamer Entertainment BV 85745103
MEProductions B.V. 86007734
Muziek en Showbureau Jan Vis B.V. 16023833
NR1 Artiesten BV 84813164
Pro Bookings Entertainment Professionals BV 57846855
Ruisch Music (Geels Events) 30256498
SoDifferent Agency 67768636
Total Rocket Management BV (Rocket Agency) 32046066
Twilight Entertainment 17161253
Vibe Entertainment BV 76489191
Viking Entertainment BV 17155450
Volendam Music BV 36005828