Buma Awards

Licentie Buma Awards

Appreciation, recognition and encouragement for music makers

We are proud that every year Buma Cultuur organizes the Buma Awards, an important ceremony in the Dutch music sector. The Buma Awards are designed to recognize and reward the most successful and creative music creators and publishers of the past year.

During the ceremony, several awards are presented, including the Buma Award National and the Buma Award International. In addition to these popularity prizes, important jury awards are also presented, such as the Lennaert Nijgh Prize for the best lyricist, the Gouden Harp for a person who has meant a lot to Dutch music and the Lifetime Achievement Award for a composer who has performed exceptionally and for a long period of time. We are proud that these awards have become an important recognition of the achievements of music creators and publishers in the Dutch music sector.

The Buma Awards are intended not only to reward the most talented music creators and publishers, but also to encourage them to continue creating new and innovative music. By encouraging creativity and innovation, we hope to continue to develop and strengthen the Dutch music industry.

As BumaStemra, we play an important role in protecting the rights of music creators and publishers. Through our membership and services, music copyrights are protected and music is optimally exploited. The Buma Awards are a way to show our appreciation for the efforts of music creators and publishers and to support them in their creative and business activities.

Buma Awards 2023

On Monday evening, May 22, a spectacular renewal took place at the presentation of the Buma Awards in Tuschinski, Amsterdam. Besides the announcement of the Buma Awards for the Top 20 National and Top 5 International, prestigious prizes such as the Golden Harp, the Lennaert Nijgh Prize and the Lifetime Achievement Award were also presented. This year the Golden Harp went to hardcore DJ Paul Elstak, Spinvis (Erik de Jong) received the Lennaert Nijgh Prize and the Lifetime Achievement Award was awarded to Herman van Veen.

Bob Zimmerman had already received the Buma Oeuvre Award Music in Media in April. During the evening the awards were presented in a unique way with a special role for The Fam, the band that provided each winner with appropriate musical accompaniment. Afterwards there was time to talk and enjoy a pleasant drink.