General Members' Meeting

Wednesday 15 May 2024, IJ-kantine Amsterdam-Noord

Licentie General Members’ Meeting

Are you among the new generation of music creators or are you already one of our loyal participants? You are most welcome! Come to the GMM on 15 May or join us online.

The GMM will be held in the IJ-kantine in Amsterdam-Noord at NDSM-Kade 5. The meeting will start at 10:00 (walk-in from 09:00) and end around 15:00. Afterwards, we will conclude the day with drinks. You will find directions for both private and public transport here.

If you are unable to vote yourself, you can authorise a fellow Buma member and/or Stemra affiliate to vote on your behalf. You will find the proxy authorisation forms below. Please send us the proxy authorisation form filled in by you by no later than 11 May 2024.

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About the General Members’ Meeting

Every year, BumaStemra organizes a General Members’ Meeting (GMM). As a member of BumaStemra, you can contribute and participate in discussions about the future of the organization. Additionally, topics on the agenda may affect your membership and income. The GMM is also a great opportunity to stay updated on developments in the music industry.

During the GMM, new members of the Council of Members and the Supervisory Board are elected. The Council of Members represent all members and they advocate for improvements in the organization in your interest. The Supervisory Board monitors the integrity of managerial activities.

Tip: if you attend the GMM in person, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to network with your fellow music creators and publishers! And we’ll be there to answer your questions.