How do I change my membership?

It’s possible to change your contract with BumaStemra if you want to transfer your exploitation rights for a country or continent to another collection society. Say you want to register with a US collecting society as your music is being used in the US. But you want to remain a member of BumaStemra for your music use in the rest of the world. Submit a request to us, and we will remove the United States from the contract.

You can change your contract each year. Please take into account that we require a notice period of at least three months. If you want to change your membership on 30 September, then your contract will be amended on 1 January of the following year. You can join another collection society (e.g. in the US) from this point on. Please indicate that you only want to join for this specific country.

Since June 2014, you can exclude your copyright for specific categories through the opt-out system. This applies to the following categories: Events, RTV, Background music, Mechanical and Online. Again, we require a minimum of three months’ notice. The opt-out system works differently for publishers.

If you want to amend your copyright and/or your contract or you have any questions, please contact us at