How do I join BumaStemra?

It’s very easy to join BumaStemra. Fill in your details, sign your contract digitally and pay your membership fee. Once you’ve done this, you can register your musical works with us. We’ll do the rest!

Your membership always runs per calendar year. If you want to join later in the year, your membership will take effect on 1 January of that year. So you pay for the full year.

Please note: It’s not possible to register with more than one copyright organisation for the same rights and/or territories. If you’re registered with another collective management organisation (CMO), then you can’t join BumaStemra (for the same territory and rights). You first need to deregister from the other collection society before joining BumaStemra.

Join as a music creator or publisher.

Membership requirements for music publishers

To join BumaStemra as a music publisher, you must meet several conditions:

  1. First, your publishers name should not already be in our records
  2. You must be registered with the Chamber of Commerce (KvK)
  3. The digital trade register extract from the Chamber of Commerce must contain the SBI code 5920, description ‘music publisher’ or ‘music publishing’

Membership fee

  1. To join as a music creator, there is a one-off registration fee of € 45,76. After that, you pay an annual membership fee of € 63,55
  2. To join as a publisher, there is a one-off registration fee of € 91,51. After that, you pay an annual membership fee of € 127,10