How do I register my works?

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Every music creator is entitled to fair payment when their music is used. BumaStemra manages these payments worldwide. As a songwriter or composer, it’s important to register your works with us. We make sure that you – the music rightsholder – receive fair payment.

You can register your musical works in MijnBumaStemra. Go to and click on the ‘Work + register’ tab.

When do I have to register my works?

We recommend that you register all your works as soon as possible when you join BumaStemra. And when you write a new song, it’s important that you register this work immediately. We can only collect for the music use from the moment your works are registered with us. We work based on calendar years, and therefore we collect most music usage retroactively (from the start of the calendar year of your membership).

How do I submit a copyright share? 

When you register your works, you have to fill in the title and the rightsholders with the correct percentage share for each work. You are required to list all rightsholders for each work, even if they are not a BumaStemra member. All parties must be included in the copyright share. When the registration details are complete, you can submit your work(s) using the ‘register’ button.

Please note: If a publisher is also involved in this work, they are required to register the work themselves. As an author or composer, you cannot add the publisher to the copyright share of a work.

How do I submit additional information?

You can enter additional details when you register your works, such as an alternative title or name of performer. This information is not required. Performers are not included in the copyright share.

How do I specify multiple rightsholders in a copyright share?

The musical work only needs to be registered by one person even if it was written by multiple member authors and composers. BumaStemra members named in the copyright share will then receive a notification asking them to approve or amend their author share of this work. If you have registered a work, you can find it in MijnBumaStemra under ‘recently registered’. It takes about two weeks for the work to appear in the ‘registered’ section.

You are required to list all rightsholders, even if they are not members of BumaStemra. If this is the case, select the ‘non-member’ option when registering the work.

Do I also need to state the publisher as a composer/songwriter?

No, you don’t have to do this. The publisher is responsible for registering the musical works. You don’t have to do anything. You only need to include the songwriters and composers in the copyright share. Otherwise, if you include the publisher, they will also claim a copyright share (in this case your share), which would be incorrect.

When you register the work yourself, you can be sure it will be correctly registered with us. As a songwriter/composer, you are not dependent on the publisher and if you are missing income, you will be able to submit a claim. You can only submit a claim if you have registered the work yourself.