How do I upload sound files?

A sound file ensures that we can correctly identify your music. We use this file to create a fingerprint of your work. This fingerprint is matched to the sound files we receive from broadcasters, so we know when your music is played. 

It’s easy to upload a sound file in MijnBumaStemra. Ideally, you should do this as soon as you register a new work, but it can also be done later.

Please provide sound files in the formats listed below:


type  channels  sample rate  sample size  bit rate
Mp2  2 (stereo) 44.1khz 16bit 256 kbps
Mp3  2 (stereo) 44.1khz 16bit 256 kbps
wav 2 (stereo) 44.1khz 16bit 1,411 kbps (cd) 
m4a 2 (stereo) 44.1khz 16bit 256 kbps
flac 2 (stereo) 44.1khz 16bit   
aac 2 (stereo) 44.1khz 16bit