What exactly does BumaStemra do?

We manage the rights of over 38,000 Dutch music creators. Maybe you want to play music in your shop or restaurant? Or you want to use an existing song on your website or put a playlist on a CD? We understand it’s quite a task to ask all the different music creators for permission. Thankfully, that’s why BumaStemra is here. We arrange everything for you, in one go.

And if you play international music, you’ve come to the right place because we have agreements with many international copyright organisations. We also represent the interests of our music creator members outside the Netherlands.

You play the record, we arrange the licence
BumaStemra also manages music use in the Netherlands for international music creators who are members of sister societies. So, thanks to BumaStemra, you can choose from millions of musical works by hundreds of thousands of composers and songwriters.