What is the copyright threshold and how does it work?

The copyright threshold is the level over which BumaStemra processes your music. This level is set at € 50,-. This means that if music use amounts to € 50,- or more, we will process and distribute this use. Research shows that this is the best cost-benefit ratio. This means that the maximum feasible number of musical works will be distributed at a reasonable cost. The copyright threshold is based on the total value of music use within one of the following three categories: Buma, Stemra or Online. We always calculate this over a three-year period.

If the use of a musical work in the Online category earns € 50,- or more, then we process the available ownership information and distribute payment. As soon as the copyright information is complete, music use will always be distributed in the future. Even if the amount in any of the three categories is less than € 50,-.