Why join BumaStemra?

If you’re a composer or songwriter, it’s a good idea to join BumaStemra if your own works are regularly broadcast on radio or TV, if you regularly perform your own work or if your music is recorded on CD or DVD. We keep track of where your music is played and ensure that music users pay when they use your work. And then we distribute the payment to you quickly and easily.

We also license businesses to use your music commercially. This includes online streaming platforms, such as YouTube and Spotify, as well as radio and television stations, restaurants and bars, festivals, shops and other business premises. We do this in the Netherlands and abroad. We can collect your royalties worldwide. 

Joining BumaStemra means earning money from your music. If your music is played at home or abroad, and you have registered your works with us, then we can pay you, every time your music plays through a speaker somewhere in the world.