Using music on sound carriers

Licentie Using music on sound carriers

Music whenever and wherever, no fuss. Whatever music you choose, a licence from BumaStemra gives you unlimited use of music from the Netherlands and around the world.  We’ll help you get the licence that suits your needs. As a non-profit organisation, we make sure music creators get paid for their songs, so you can focus 100% on your business.

For the pressing of music on pysical formats such as CDs, DVDs and Vinyl, you need a licence from BumaStemra. The fee depends on what product you are using, the length of the recording and the price at which it’s sold.


Are you a manufacturer of CDs, DVDs, and vinyl records? Do you produce them for record labels, video distributors, or other creators of in-house productions? Then you need a license for the production of such audio and visual media: a manufacturing agreement.

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Record labels

Are you a record label who releases music on physical products, you might be eligible for a BIEM contract.

Do you want to qualify for a BIEM contract? Then these conditions apply:

  1. You establish a minimum turnover.
  2. You make monthly advance payments.
  3. Your administration complies with Stemra’s rules.

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In-house productions

Have you written your own songs or edited music created by others? And do you want to release those productions, for example, on a CD? Then you must first arrange permission. This applies even if it’s your own music or music that is no longer under copyright, such as classical works, for example.

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