The new sound of BumaStemra

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Licentie Our new sound

Wherever music is heard, it enriches our lives.

That’s why BumaStemra is there for the value of music. We are there for your music. Everywhere, from live to online. And for every music maker: whether you’re just starting out or are already very successful.

We are here for your music, everywhere from live performances to online. And for every music maker, whether you are just starting out or already very successful.

We are here to pay you the compensation your music deserves. We do this with a team of music-loving professionals, smart partners, and cutting-edge technology for collecting and processing music data. We promote your music nationally and internationally. And we are also your ambassador to music users.

We do all of this in a rapidly changing world. We want to be at the top and strive for very high satisfaction among our members.

That is why we always have to be where the music is. That is our story.

From today, you can recognize this story by the logo at the top of this website. Here, you can see and read more about us and your story.

Have fun and see you soon, where the music is.

Team BumaStemra