BumaStemra and Meta renew data-driven partnership

Licentie BumaStemra and Meta renew data-driven partnership

BumaStemra and Meta, the Facebook and Instagram parent company, are happy to announce the renewal of their platform-wide licensing agreement, ensuring users can continue to enjoy BumaStemra’s repertoire across Meta’s platforms, while composers, songwriters and music publishers will continue to receive fair compensation for their works. BumaStemra represents almost 40.000 writers, composers and publishers of music all over the world.

Revenue sharing for User-Generated-Content

The renewed agreement also introduces a new data-driven revenue sharing component, giving opportunities for creators and music rightsholders to monetise and earn royalties from eligible user-generated content (UGC) while continuing to provide transparency into how their works are used.

The introduction of revenue sharing for UGC, combined with Meta’s and BumaStemra’s shared dedication to creators, will further empower rightsholders by providing valuable new insights into how their music is being utilized on Facebook and Instagram. Through this renewed collaboration, Meta and BumaStemra will continue to work together to enhance the music experience on the platform and provide additional opportunities for music creators to thrive in the digital age.

With shared data and reciprocal transparency at the heart of Meta and BumaStemra’s discussions, BumaStemra members will further benefit from faster and more accurate distribution of royalties.

Marcel Gelauff, CEO a.i. at BumaStemra said: “The partnership between Meta and BumaStemra has been instrumental in fostering an environment where artists and songwriters can share their talent and connect with global audiences. The accuracy and transparency from the BumaStemra/Meta agreement will be boosted by the enhanced processing capabilities provided through our recent long-term partnership with collection and processing platform Salt. Salt’s flexible approach not only bolsters transparency but also enables faster and more accurate distribution of royalties to BumaStemra members.”

Michael King, Director of International Music Publishing at Meta said: “Our platforms are a place where people from all over the world come together to share and connect through the music that they love. Meta respects the copyrights of songwriters and artists, so we’re delighted to renew our agreement with BumaStemra that includes a new data-driven revenue sharing component, creating further opportunities for creators and rightsholders.