Your collective stands up for your rights

As a BumaStemra member, you are part of a collective of 38,000 music creators. Our collective offers strength and certainty when it comes to protecting your music copyright. We’re stronger together than alone.

Your music copyright on online platforms

You inspire the world with your music across online platforms like Spotify, Facebook and YouTube. But these platforms also bring new challenges. That’s why it’s now more important than ever to join us. We will handle the exploitation and copyright for you, allowing you to concentrate on making music and ensuring you receive the compensation you deserve.

How does BumaStemra manage your music copyright?

BumaStemra ensures that music creators receive the compensation their music deserves. And to do that effectively, we collaborate with various associations and organizations. Here’s how we approach it:


  • We keep up to date about the challenges affecting our members. We regularly talk to the industry associations for composers, songwriters and publishers
  • We handle the exploitation and copyright of music creators who are affiliated with us
  • Our ‘Public Affairs’ department puts the rights of music creators on the political agenda in The Hague and Brussels
  • We work with other parties within the music industry to maintain a strong political position

Your interests on the political agenda

Managing your copyright is now more important than ever. BumaStemra is actively involved in the political circles in The Hague and Brussels. The closer we are, the more influence we have on the political decisions that are important to you as a music creator. We contribute ideas on new laws to protect your copyright more effectively.

Our Public Affairs department has regular contact with lawmakers and government officials. If a law is not protecting the interests of music creators, our Public Affairs department will strive to get the law amended. Public Affairs also puts new topics on the political agenda to draw attention to your rights as a music creator, in the Netherlands and beyond!

Who does BumaStemra collaborate with?

Managing your copyrights is not something we do alone. We collaborate with as many other parties in the music sector as possible, such as VOICE and the Federation of Copyright Societies. These organizations also advocate for the copyrights of music creators and ensure that they receive the compensation they deserve. Thanks to this collaboration, we are even stronger together in the political arena.

Curious about who we collaborate with? These are the key parties BumaStemra works with.