How do music creators receive remuneration for their work in a grand rights production?

Buma doesn’t collect payment for the use of music in grand rights productions. Authors make their own agreements with the producers about the remuneration and use of their music.

In addition, we don’t collect payment when the music from an existing dramatic musical performance is reused in another performance or when only existing music by the same author is used. In this situation, it is important that the musical works are inextricably linked to the storyline of the performance. And no other musical works may be used.

Please note: music from a dramatic musical production, for example a song from a musical, can be broadcast on the radio or TV or recorded on CD. That’s why it’s important for music authors to register their musical works with BumaStemra.

When does Buma collect royalties for specially composed music in a grand rights production?

If you want Buma to collect royalties for the use of your specially composed music in grand rights productions, you must meet certain conditions:

  1. Notify us in advance that you want us to collect royalties for the use of your music in the grand rights production.
  2. Notify the producer in advance that Buma will be collecting royalties.
  3. The music must be “grand rights repertoire,” meaning it’s specially composed for the production.
  4. You must have registered the music with Buma in time, preferably within the first month of its use.
  5. You cannot have arranged compensation for performance rights through another method.
  6. For each production for which you want Buma to collect royalties, you must submit a new request to us.

To submit a request, please send us an email at