What are Unlogged Performances, and how does it work?

Do you write music exclusively for one performance venue? Is your library music used for radio and television? Or have you written music specially for a specific TV report? If so, as a music creator you may not receive payment for this through BumaStemra.

In this situation, you can use the unlogged performances scheme (articles 9 & 10). This scheme ensures that the use of your music is rewarded. In practice, the scheme is used almost exclusively for one specific situation – for music use in amusement parks or amusement park attractions.

How does the unlogged performances scheme work?

If you want to apply for this scheme, the performances or broadcasts where your work is used must meet several criteria:

  1. This use involves the physical use of your music over several years
  2. Your music is registered with us. If you have written with multiple co-writers, the shares must be known to us
  3. The musical works are known to us and have been registered by all rightsholders
  4. This involves a relatively large number of performances per musical work that are not logged. This is also linked to the requirement that the costs must not be disproportionate to the income
  5. A licence must be in place. It is therefore important to inform your client that the use of your music requires a licence from Buma. An exception is if there is a general licence for the entire site, with music by multiple creators. It will then not be possible to identify which amount relates to which musical work
  6. Before use, no other payment should have already taken place in any other way, including for:
    a. use of sampling
    b. use of reference repertoire
    c. use on RTV
    AM handles payment for reference repertoire.

Do you have any questions?

We understand that it can be hard to fully understand the criteria. If you have any questions, please contact us on +31(0)237997889 or info@bumastemra.nl. Our Customer Contact Centre will be happy to help.