Where can I get help if I have questions or comments about payments?

If you have a question or comment about payment, please contact the relevant department directly. This allows us to help you quickly. Below is a list of our departments. Please don’t wait too long to get in touch because you only have three months from the invoice date to submit your comments.

While we will answer your query as soon as possible, we do expect you to pay the invoice on time. If it does turn out that something is wrong with the invoice, then we’ll amend it as soon as possible. If this is not possible, we’ll look for another solution. You’ll receive our response within eight weeks at the latest.

Contact information for our departments:
Live events
023 – 799 78 01

023 – 799 78 58

Radio and television
023 – 799 79 99

In-house productions
023 – 799 78 28

Audiovisual productions
023 – 799 78 28

Buma collective schemes
023 – 799 79 99

Stemra central schemes
023 – 799 78 99

Service Centre Copyright and Neighbouring Rights
020 – 700 90 99