BumaStemra joins Human Artistry Campaign

Licentie BumaStemra joins Human Artistry Campaign

What is the Human Artistry Campaign?

The Human Artistry Campaign (HAC) is an initiative committed to the responsible use of artificial intelligence (AI) in the creative industries. The aim is to protect the rights and interests of human artists by ensuring AI applications are transparent and respect rightsholders’ consent. HAC is committed to policies and standards that promote fairness and trust in the industry. Affiliated organisations include Sacem, PRS, BMI, ASCAP, ECSA, NVPI, CISAC and many others.


Why we joined the Human Artistry Campaign

BumaStemra has joined the HAC to work with an international network of organisations that share our values. The campaign highlights the importance of human creativity and respecting copyright in the age of AI. By joining, we are strengthening our efforts to protect our members’ interests against the unregulated exploitation of their work by AI systems.


Our commitment to creators

HAC’s core principles of transparency, ethical use of technology and fair remuneration for artists are closely aligned with BumaStemra’s mission. By taking part in this campaign, we are demonstrating our active involvement in the global discussion on AI and copyright. We want to ensure our members’ voices are heard and their rights are protected in a rapidly changing digital world.

For more information about the Human Artistry Campaign, visit www.humanartistrycampaign.com