Music in the hospitality industry

Licentie Music in the hospitality industry

Organising a daytime or evening event with music will attract visitors, increase your sales and create a great atmosphere. You need a licence to use music, so the creators receive fair compensation for their work. Below are the different licences available for the hospitality industry.

These licences are for

  • Cafes
  • Clubs
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Student associations

Background music license

If you own a hospitality business, you can get permission to play background music through SCAN – the Copyright and Neighbouring Rights Service Centre. The cost of this licence depends on the number of square metres of the venue where the music is played.

Live-/entertainment music license

Your own hospitality business 

If you own a hospitality business and plan to host an event with live entertainment such as a DJ or artist, this falls under entertainment music. If the entrance fee is below €25 and/or the performers’ fees are less than €1,000,- per act (excluding VAT), then it is cost effective to obtain an ongoing licence through SCAN – Service Centre for Copyright and Neighbouring Rights. 

If you’re a hospitality venue planning an event with artist fees exceeding €1,000 per act and/or an entrance fee exceeding €25,-, the ongoing license won’t fully cover this. You’ll need a separate license for such events.

Renting a space

If you don’t own the hospitality venue, you need an event license. This applies to all events in the Netherlands and is based on the General Tariff. If you’re organising an event together with the hospitality venue, make clear agreements to avoid unexpected costs.

Why do I need a license?

Music whenever and wherever, no fuss.  Whatever music you choose, a licence from BumaStemra gives you unlimited use of music from the Netherlands and around the world.  We’ll help you get the licence that suits your needs.  We are a non-profit making organisation. We make sure music creators get paid for their songs, so you can focus 100% on your business.

Music fuels the success of your organisation. Have you ever stopped to think about what music creates?  It generates the atmosphere, the emotion and the energy. Music brings you closer to your commercial dreams.  It’s well worth the investment.  And with a licence from BumaStemra, all your music use is taken care of at once.

Good for music creators. Good for your success.

How much does it cost?

Ongoing licences for background music and entertainment music are based on the number of square metres of the hospitality venue and how often music is played. If the tickets costs are higher than €25 (excl. VAT) and/or the buy-out fees are more than €1,000,-. then you need an additional licence based on the General Tariff.