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Being a member of BumaStemra has many advantages for all music creators, whether you’re an experienced music professional or are just starting out. This page shares news about upcoming events and other useful tools and tips.

Events: benefits for members

Every year there are lots of interesting events supported by BumaStemra for music creators. Events like Musicians’ Day (Muzikantendag). At this event, musicians can learn more about both the creative and business aspects of being a musician. This is organised by Buma Cultuur and is free for BumaStemra members. Yet another reason to join the fantastic masterclasses and workshops by artists and experts. Check out this page for more information.

Here are more events that you might like.

Our events. Come and join us!

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Useful tools and apps

All about music rights

In 2019, the Collective Management Organisations BumaStemra, NORMA and Sena joined forces to create the Music Rights on Tour initiative. This is designed to reach as many students, young musicians, producers, composers and authors as possible and explain in an easy way how you can claim your money with us.

Insights in MijnBumaStemra

In MijnBumaStemra, you can control everything concerning your music. It gives you unique insights into your music data and your finances.

BumaStemra newsletter for members

Are you a BumaStemra member? Then we regularly send you a newsletter to keep you up to date with all the latest developments. You can also find good deals for affiliated events. So keep a close eye on the newsletter!

Setlists app

You can submit your setlists in the Buma Setlists app. You no longer need to keep a note of them on paper. You’ll always have a record in the app. And when you send us your setlists, we can also keep track of the (live) performances where your music was played.

Have you performed live? Or do you know that your music was played at a gig? Then submit the setlist in the app, and we’ll make sure you get paid.

Download the app for iOS or Android here.

If you can’t install the app, you can use this Excel sheet. Send the completed form to

How does it work?

The Buma Setlists app

Check it out here (in Dutch)

Do you have any tips for fellow music creators or someone starting out? Share them with us at and maybe you’ll see it on this page soon!


Rise Up: Women in Music

In The Rise Up Podcast: Women in Music we talk with guests about how we can more quickly work towards equal opportunities for women in the Dutch music industry. We focus on solutions and what we can learn from each other.

Listen now on Spotify (in Dutch)